“I don’t talk like House, or walk like him. I certainly don’t think like him. I don’t like to think for more than 15 minutes at a stretch actually; I am a fragile flower.”

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Director : Christopher Nolan | Cinematographer : Wally Pfister

Well, I was talking to Wally (Pfister, cinematographer) and he said ‘well, eventually it (the totem) does stop spinning… because we had to call cut!’
Cillian Murphy about the ending to Inception. (via howimetunclecharlie)


The Dark Knight Rises

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Director: Christopher Nolan

Director of Photography: Wally Pfister

Wally Pfister wins Best Cinematography at the 2011 Academy Awards for Inception and thanks Christopher Nolan.

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"Oh God, it’s 8 years. It’s quite impressive. Many of the people that were on Batman Begins are working on this one. It was almost just like coming back and seeing all those friends again. It’s like a family" - Gary Oldman